Loving your Pet

National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated annually on February 20th, primarily encouraging pet owners to show their pets how much they care for them. This particular day allows pet owners to give their pets extra love, attention, and care.

Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, fish, hamster, or any other type of pet, this day is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them. There are several ways to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day.

One way to show “Fluffy” that you care is by taking your pet for a walk (maybe not your fish). Play with them, and give them some extra attention. You can also treat them to their favorite food or toy or take them to a pet-friendly location. Even though National Walk Your Dog Day is celebrated on February 20th, walking with your dog can have beneficial health effects for both you and your dog.

Dogs are permitted on a leash in most areas of the city parks. Black Lake Park has 58 acres to explore and includes marked trails for horses. The park has a gravel parking area just off the entrance from Wood Road. Animals are not allowed on the beach or within the picnic areas.

You can also adopt a new pet from a shelter or rescue organization, giving an animal in need a loving home. So, let us all take some extra time to show our pets how much they mean to us and celebrate their excellent companionship.

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