Throwback Thursday: 1938 Mona Lake Channel

Let’s zip back to 1938—a year when the Muskegon Chronicle’s “Greetings, From Your Carrier Boy” was the Instagram of its day! Imagine a small calendar attached to cardstock featuring the stunning Mona Lake Channel, serving as a daily reminder of the world beyond our front porch. These carrier boys, the unsung heroes of yesteryear, brought the news (and a bit of sunshine) right to our doorsteps.

Fast forward to today, where flipping through pages has become swiping on screens. Yet, this little piece of history, yellowed from time, reminds us of the charming simplicity and connection of the past. On this Throwback Thursday, let’s bask in the nostalgia of Mona Lake’s timeless beauty and the heartwarming effort of those carrier boys. It’s a fun, light-hearted nod to the days when sharing moments meant a little more legwork and a lot more heart.


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