Sprinkles Donuts: Satisfying the Sweet Tooth and Delighting Norton Shores

Norton Shores welcomes a delightful addition to its business landscape with the opening of Sprinkles Donut Shop. Since its soft opening on June 7, 2023, Sprinkles Donut Shop has captivated locals’ hearts and taste buds. Sprinkles Donuts is beloved for indulging in delights with a wide selection of delectable treats and an open seating area that welcomes customers.

You are greeted by a contagious atmosphere of joy the moment you step through the doors of Sprinkles Donuts. The smiles on the faces of customers and staff reflect the happiness that the Sprinkles mission is about—quality, family, and freshness. According to Sherry Bottema, the manager of Sprinkles Donuts, it’s a place where people always have a smile on their faces.

During its much-anticipated soft opening, Sprinkles Donuts played host to approximately 1,800 people. The overwhelming response speaks volumes about the excitement and anticipation. As news spread about the free donut-day offerings, locals flocked to experience the magic as part of the soft opening on June 7, 2023.

At Sprinkles Donuts, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Whether you prefer to savor your sweet treats on-site or grab a box, the options are abundant. The menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering delights, from classic cake donuts to indulgent creations like the bird’s nest and crème-filled long john. Muffin lovers will also find a range of delectable choices.

When it comes to the favorites at Sprinkles Donuts, preferences vary based on age. The Apple Fritter stands out as the go-to choice among adults. Crafted from yeast-raised dough, hand-chopped apples, cherries, and cinnamon, then lavishly coated with a homemade glaze is a delectable treat. Its irresistible aroma and heavenly taste make it an instant hit among discerning customers.

For the younger crowd, the classic spice cake donut reigns supreme. Topped with a generous shower of colorful sprinkles, it’s a delightful treat that brings smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. Sherry Bottema affectionately refers to it as the “fully-loaded donut,” capturing this creation’s sheer joy and playfulness.

Sprinkles Donuts accommodates the cravings of Norton Shores’ donut enthusiasts with its flexible opening hours. From Tuesday to Saturday, the doors open bright and early at 6 AM and stay welcoming until 3 PM. On Sundays, the shop opens at 7 AM and closes at 1 PM. While Sprinkles Donuts brings delight throughout the week, it takes a well-deserved break on Mondays to recharge and prepare for another week of spreading happiness.

Sprinkles Donuts has quickly become a cherished destination in Norton Shores, captivating locals’ hearts and taste buds with its delectable donut offerings and welcoming atmosphere. From the smiles that greet you upon arrival to the variety of indulgent treats, this new donut shop has created a haven of happiness that appeals to customers of all ages. So, whether you’re seeking the nostalgic charm of a classic donut or craving an innovative creation, Sprinkles Donuts is sure to leave you with a satisfied smile and a desire to return for more sweet moments.

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