It’s in Our Nature

For residents of Norton Shores, this is an exciting time as the City has revealed a new look to its brand, complete with a new tagline – ”It’s in Our Nature.”

Residents already know what a special place Norton Shores is, and with the new branding, others will know it too.

Beautiful Parks and Beaches
The new brand was created to highlight the beauty of the parks, local businesses, and close-knit community that Norton Shores residents have come to love. In fact, as Revel — the Muskegon-based marketing and branding firm hired to develop the new brand — worked with focus groups from within the community, they consistently heard from residents that they value the beauty of life on the Michigan Lakeshore and the public access that living in Norton Shores gives them to enjoy it.

Nature is a primary reason that residents love living in Norton Shores. The city is uniquely positioned to access Hoffmaster State Park, Lake Harbor Park, Black Lake Park, Ross Park, Hidden Cove Park, Hess Park, Avondale Park, and Chapman-Veurink Park. Residents and visitors alike can hike, kayak, bike, boat, and camp, and enjoy the many outdoor activities that life on Lake Michigan and the surrounding inland lakes offers. Unlike other beach towns along the big Lake, Norton Shores remains a quiet suburb that prides itself on encouraging people to slow down and enjoy the beauty of being outside.

In developing the new branding, the beauty of being outside and the fun of outdoor activities became a focal point for the new logos. Seven logos were created in total that illustrate the activities and characteristics that make Norton Shores unique – sunsets, trails, dunes, kayaking, biking, and campfires.  These logos can be downloaded for use across social media, so residents and visitors alike can share the love they have for Norton Shores.

Good Neighbors and Strong Community
Norton Shores is a community of good neighbors; just ask the people who live here.

Living in Norton Shores affords residents the ability to relax and enjoy life along Lake Michigan. The people who live here have access to great school systems, quiet neighborhoods, a wealth of job opportunities, and they know they can count on neighbors who are friendly.  Norton Shores has become a small suburb that people want to settle in and because of this, the city is seeing an increase in young residents returning to buy homes and raise their families.

The strong community of Norton Shores is as much a part of its nature as the parks themselves.

While Norton Shores is not a big city, it is a city full of natural beauty that takes pride in caring for its community, so residents feel safe and comfortable.

Beautiful, safe, and strong. Norton Shores is the good life – it’s in our nature.

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