Esteem Fitness Training Owner and Trainer, Ron Clark

Ron Clark, owner of Esteem Fitness Training in Norton Shores, celebrates nine years of business in February. Esteem Fitness Training is located in the AMG Business Center, 800 E Ellis Rd. With years of personal fitness experience, Clark, a Grand Haven native, turned to bodybuilding after being sidelined due to a high school football injury. He competed for roughly 14 years, winning two state championships in Michigan in 1983.

After winning the Mister Michigan State bodybuilding championship in ‘83, he moved to California to compete in the National Championships. MCA/Universal hired Clark to perform in front of live audiences as Conan, the barbarian, for the Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular stunt show at Universal Studios.


After his time at Universal, Ron returned to Michigan and started two fitness franchises in Grand Haven and Holland. No longer a part of the franchise, Ron enjoys working with many clients, from high-performance college hockey athletes to clients in their seventies looking to become stronger and everyone in between.

“People decide to go it alone and try to improve their fitness. They don’t have accountability; some are successful, yet the majority are not,” says Clark. He sees a spike in clients around March when people get frustrated. “They have these grandiose ideas of improving their health and fitness come January, but it never happened. Life gets in the way.” From in-home, virtual, or one-to-one training at the AMG training center, Esteem Fitness Training provides those looking for results the option of working with a personal trainer.

“It’s important to realize there is hope and options; Esteem Fitness Training is a great option.”


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