Discover the Rich History of Getty Drive-In: A Michigan Icon Since 1948

The Getty Drive-In: A Journey through Its Fascinating History Since 1948

Join us as we explore the fascinating history of The Getty Drive-In, which has been an iconic part of Michigan’s cinematic landscape since 1948. Discover how this one-screen theater transformed into a four-screen outdoor cinema, and learn about the introduction of automobile radio sound and DLP® Digital Projection technology that has made it a thriving entertainment destination to this day.

The Getty Drive-In has been an integral part of Michigan’s cinema history for over 80 years. Founded in 1948 as a one-screen theater named the NK Drive-In, it has evolved into a four-screen outdoor cinema that is a beloved entertainment destination for generations. Join us as we take a journey through the fascinating history of this iconic drive-in theater.

In 1966, Loeks Theatres purchased the NK Drive-In and changed its name to The Getty Drive-In. It was transformed further in 1978 when three additional screens were added, making it one of the largest outdoor theaters in the country. These expansions created more opportunities for moviegoers to enjoy multiple films in one visit.

Over the years, The Getty Drive-In has embraced technological innovations to enhance the movie-watching experience. In 1993, automobile radio sound was introduced, providing high-quality sound and enabling moviegoers to listen from the comfort of their own vehicles. The introduction of DLP® Digital Projection in 2013 has further enhanced the picture quality, providing a brighter and more detailed image that has extended the life of this iconic drive-in theater.

Located in Norton Shores, MI, The Getty Drive-In is a testament to Michigan’s cinematic heritage. With a rich history dating back to 1948, this iconic drive-in theater has transformed and evolved over the years. From its expansion to a four-screen outdoor cinema to the introduction of innovative technologies like automobile radio sound and DLP® Digital Projection, The Getty Drive-In continues to captivate audiences, providing an enchanting movie-watching experience under the stars.

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