1945 Ford Fire Truck Returns Home After 54 Years

In a remarkable reunion, Norton Shores Fire Department proudly welcomed the return of a long-forgotten 1945 Ford Fire Truck that was retired from the department’s roster 54 years ago. The return of this truck represents a part of history in the City’s early days as Norton Township.

The extraordinary journey of this vintage fire engine commenced with an unexpected phone call from Perry, Georgia, echoing through time and across state lines. Norton Shores Fire Chief Bob Gagnon shared his excitement: “It’s like going back in time. To have a piece of our department’s history is just incredible.”

The 1945 Ford Fire Truck made a grand entrance into Norton Shores around 1:30 PM on Friday, October 20, 2023, escorted by a hero’s welcome. The truck carries the weight of history and the spirit of a community’s dedication to preserving its firefighting legacy. Media members witnessed this historic moment at Norton Shores Fire Station #3, 1100 E. Pontaluna Road. The cameras were recording as the 1945 Ford Fire Truck rolled in, bringing with it nostalgia and a renewed sense of pride in the firefighting heritage of Norton Shores.

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